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Flamboyant Clothing: Men – How to rock a vintage sweater

With all the major street brands giving us some great Fairisle knits for Christmas, there is no doubt that winter 2010/11 will have seen many guys embracing the ‘Bridget Jones – Mr Darcy’ look over the Christmas break with wine glass and mince pie in hand. A fine way to celebrate the festive season and cheer us all up after a gloomy year.

But what comes next? How does knitwear translate into the new year for 2011?The answer – the vintage jumper. Not only can you bag yourself a bargain by sourcing ‘a good vintage’  from an online boutique (did I mention FLAMBOYANT VINTAGE IS COMING SOON!!) you can sleep safe in the knowledge that you’ve got an iconic knit, that has no doubt stood the tests of time, or at least the last 20-30 years.

Vintage aaron knit in cream

To really wear this look well, proportion and sizing is everything. Skinny guys will naturally look good in a vintage jumper tight-fitting or oversized, however broader guys (or those blessed with a well formed stomach) will definitely want to get an oversized number to avoid looking like Onslo from Keeping up Appearances.

Any colours, knits and patterns can work as long as the jeans and footwear are right- Boots, loafers/plimsolls (no socks) and flip flops are best. ALWAYS wear skinny, carrot or drop crotch carrot jeans, the minute you put a baggy or work fit jean with a vintage jumper then you either add 10 years onto your age or look like your going to start the decorating and pulled something out from the back of a rag cupboard!

Geometric vintage knit

If you’re feeling really brave you may even want to venture into your local charity shop and rummage through the racks for a real bargain or better still have a kind word with a grandparent and raid the old wardrobes! Who said family heirlooms have to be dusty, old antiques?

Vintage oversized Jaeger Sweater

Check out flamboyantclothing.com in the next few weeks to see the new mens vintage range.

Be yourself, no apologies. Be Flamboyant.



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